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    I am a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for solving visual and technical problems, when aesthetic meets purpose. I find my craft especially rewarding when my work has good degree of innovation. My area of expertise passion lies in designing interactive web-based mobile-friendly experiences, visual design for web and print, typography, creating visual systems, branding and identity, and information design. In my spare time I am exploring the world of illustrative lettering and making impressions on letterpress — as a designer and operator.

  • Osmo by Tangible Play

    Osmo is an innovative gaming system for iPad. The innovation is based on iPad's optical tracking capabilities designed to recognize and interpret physical objects and user's interaction with such objects – playing beyond the screen.
  • Magento Upgrade Campaign

    Magento promoted it’s top-shelf ecommerce product, Magento Enterprise Edition, by launching a campaign offering a free website evaluation. This concept illustrates the impact of upgrading to Magento’s premium product.

  • Cisco Prime App Template

    Cisco Prime makes it easy for customers to build complex, self-contained networks with drag-and-drop simplicity. It also eliminates hardware compatibility issues on the fly, and provides a snapshot of overall network performance. Once completed, customers can purchase their customized networks in just 3 steps.
  • Silverlign Stir Event

    Stir events connect Bay Area multidisciplinary professionals for tech talks, networking, and cocktails. This landing page provides an overview of the event’s agenda and participants. The Stir video plays on a loop, and was designed to play seamlessly as a screensaver on a number of monitors during the event.
  • Intel Capital Summit 2012

    The Intel Capital Summit connects Fortune 500 companies with Intel-funded startups. For 2012, we introduced a clean, minimalist design language with a new logo that speaks to the “cutting edge” of the Intel brand. The overall visual style speaks to a fusion of ideas and aspirations, while the website showcases the new logo and visual style.
  • Magento Illustrations

    This library of graphic illustrations is featured in a series of Magento whitepapers on how to succeed in ecommerce. They’re built for scalability, and can combine to create compound graphics that support a range of complex ideas.
  • Expedia Classic Vacations

    Classic Vacations is Expedia’s luxury brand, featuring exclusive hotel packages. But unlike Expedia, its main marketing vehicles are destination brochures and lifestyle mailers. Destination brochures target B2B customers, and can range from eight to over 100 pages for a given geographical area or country. Lifestyle Mailers are B2C brochures that are compiled based on individual interests such as romance or activities. With the Online Brochure App, customers get the printed brochure experience without printed material, while adding interactive features such as expanded hotel information, printing, and booking.

  • Temperature Chart

    This chart was designed to compare the daily temperatures and precipitation be two Bay Area's cities — San Jose and San Francisco. The chart was designed to be informative in micro and macro scale, all the touch points are legible and easy to follow, the folding-unfolding experience allows user to work with either small area or the whole chart

    78-20 in (unfolded), 5.5-10 in (folded)

  • Skype Infographics

    In the process of merger with Microsoft, Skype is working on reevaluating its brand strategy. This series of renderings captures some of the key points of Skype brand evolution.

    Brand Experience Pulse diagram communicates the "health" of multiple data points to the brand itself. The main challenge of this piece was not only to reflect the multitude of the unrelated data points, but also to accommodate client's request to use heart theme as a foundation of the graph.

    Universal, Useful and Wonderful diagrams are template created to visualize three Skype brand pillars. Using proximity to the pillars, these diagrams communicate the level of usefulness and comfort of the brand.

    In addition to the diagrams, a set of icons was designed to be used in further pursuit of exploration of Skype brand identity.

  • Oracle Information Design

    This small sample of images represents a much larger collection of diagrams, which are widely used as illustrations for e-books, presentation slides, and standalone pieces. The primary challenge was designing these individual pieces for a small footprint.
  • Oracle JavaOne Event

    JavaOne is a developer conference that coincides with Oracle Open World. The visual style for this event combines the pre-existing event theme of “Summer on the Beach” with Duke, Java’s mascot. The child/adult friendly design solution humorously captures Duke performing surfboard acrobatics. This visual was used across a range of materials including t-shirts, water bottles, and even baby clothes.
  • Personal Identity

    These were designed with an intent to emphasize the sense of custom, precious, and sustainable design, which can be affordably created and executed. These cards are not designed only to stand out, but also to be able to resist wear and tear due to the robust features of the chipboard. This project was featured in the Computer Arts Projects magazine, issue 154 and FPO blog
  • eBay Enterprise Summit Guide

    2012–2013 Conference Guides for eBay Enterprise (formerly GSI) Client Summit.
  • Sweet Randomness

    This miscellaneous collection of work is represented by a mix of small projects showing both client work and self-started pieces.